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Bringing the Darkness Into the Light

There has continued to be a lot of division and separation in this world. I thought it would stop at the end of the election but it has not. I'm sure that so much negativity got shook loose from all that was buried in the earth. All these earth shifts that have been happening through tsunamis, earthquakes and all the fires I'm sure are contributing. The darkness has been hidden for so long, and it wants to show itself.

The darkness loses its power when brought into the light. By being aware of what is the many facets of the dark, it gives awareness to it. When we are aware of it, we can bring light to it for change just like in a superhero movie when we get to see all sides of the villain representing the dark or shadow side. Each aspect tries to defend its right to be by fighting, defending, bringing up fear, and doing anything else to get attention.

As all this is being stirred up with Mother Earth it's imperative to hold the light. Blast the light to anything or anyone you perceive as darkness. This is truly the best way to bring it out into the light. Just like the evil witch in The Wizard Of Oz, she suddenly shrinks down and is powerless against the light. It's as if they can see their true reflection, and with that, the shadow is gone, and all that is left is the light. We need to hold the line, the light, and all that is good. We need to believe in people again. We need to believe that healing and peace are possible and that the garden of Eden is more than just a fairy tale written about long ago. It's the imprint of a memory that is deep within our hearts where all things are possible. It's not just hoping or wishing on a moonbeam. This is true folks. When we remember and believe, poof the spell is broken. That's when the fun begins by creating new earth - new ways of being, new ways of doing things, and remembering the Truth. There is only one Truth that we need to remember, why we came here and seeing this through. Nothing else matters. Take the time to remember and bring our shadow into the light for healing. It's time💕


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