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Bringing Order Out of Change

Even though we all feel the uncertainty of the current conditions of our world, we must know that it takes time to bring change. It appears that everything is collapsing and yes, it has to. Change is not always easy, but it's necessary. Whatever is collapsing in the bigger picture mirrors where we need to make changes in our lives. I'm seeing something astounding happening since the beginning of this year. People are all looking at what is really important in their lives. Health, love, time, family and your tribe seem to be on top with importance. Money, stuff, and all that money buys is really getting less attention. People's happiness is now starting to be defined by what's in their hearts, truly in their hearts. It's as if someone has flipped a switch and opened our eyes. We have been able to see through the veil a little bit more. Thank goodness! It’s like the 7th ray saturating the earth at this time. There is more interest in healing because of it.

We are being asked to heal any old wounds from the old push-pull and use the 2020 energy to help us dissolve it all. As each of us works on ourselves, it helps the collective shift easier without having to rock and roll this planet through more earth changes. The old life can no longer continue in the same way. We can no longer continue to move ahead dragging the old stories and problems with us. This is why we're seeing so many ill people at this time. Our cells have to release what once was for what shall be. You are being asked to balance your attachment to the old in exchange for the new. Before you know it, everything finds its way to balance and order again. Don't be afraid of change. After all, sometimes change is a wonderful surprise. Just embrace what's right in front of you asking to go. Give it a send-off and celebrate what is left behind. That's the real you!

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