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Boredom in Your Life & Your Practice

When people are first learning to meditate, it is very common for them to feel bored or restless as they have an expectation of what should, or could happen next. It may feel like the time is dragging and you’re wondering when it will be over. At the beginning of learning to embrace your meditation practice, it is perfectly normal to get fidgety. Your body may not be used to sitting still without an action involved. If you sit with it long enough, after time, it will change.

Those who experience boredom in their practice, usually are bored in their life as well. We may feel confined or restless, especially because of Covid. With Spring here we may find it feels different because we can go outside for a walk, work in the yard, ride a bike, or countless other things.

It can be helpful to look at why we get bored. Are we afraid of the stillness that comes in meditation? When we’re having a conversation with someone, is it uncomfortable when there is silence or a pause? Does it feel like awkward silence? What would it be like to sit in the sacredness of the silence? You could get really curious about it and just bask in this new energy. When you do that, you can quiet your mind naturally, just by being your own observer without any judgment.

In this busy world, we are always seeking distractions in the form of music, TV, other people’s problems, the internet, and so much more. Is it any wonder that we have problems quieting our minds? After all, going at light speed with your to-do lists and filling our conscious mind with information and noise all day, it can be hard to switch gears with a moment's notice.

No matter where you're in your meditation practice, embrace the stillness, boredom, or what is. By just observing, it can change things for you. Now more than ever, our practice for slowing down, being still, and owning all parts of ourselves is needed. We need to rest, regroup, and renew, and meditation helps us to do this. Start by cutting out some of the distractions in your life, the noise, unnecessary conversations about nothing, the need to comment on everything. By cutting out some of the distractions, you become more spacious and you allow for a better flow of energy moving through you. In time, wherever you are in your practice, it will get easier and you will go deeper into the silence, and it is in the silence where the magic happens. Enjoy!

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