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Angels All Around Us

It’s so important that each of us remember how important it is right now to keep believing, even in the thick of things. With all we have to be concerned about, let's stay on track so we can complete this part of our Divine Mission. It's easy for the earth plane human part of us to get caught up in all the tragedy and pain people are going through but the bigger picture is remembering who we really are at the core and why we came here both individually and collectively. If we let ourselves forget that even for a moment, we become either distracted or defeated. That in itself can spread like a spiritual virus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect but I have to keep believing and encourage others to stay there. At times when I feel I'm getting discouraged I reach out to Spirit for an energetic lift or encouraging words. This morning was one of those times when people have been calling me overwhelmed with getting sick, being scared, and concerned about the future. I asked spirit for some help in shifting the vibration that everyone seems to be feeling lately. What words of hope could I share that would be like an energetic uplift for all? This is the message I heard.

"Dear ones, It is imperative that you don't give up. You are not alone in your grief, fear, and isolation. Angels are surrounding your earth with a protective ray of light. There are many Angels, Master Teachers, and guides walking with you, in between you and among you. Just because many can't see them, doesn't mean they are not there. They're presently helping you navigate these waters of change. We know it's not easy but it wasn't easy during any of these times of transition. You stand at the helm of a mass awakening. Help is here and more help is coming from your brothers and sisters that have been sleeping. This year will be a turning point for the clarion call to go out from the heavens above with all trumpets sounding like an angelic choir. A frequency loud enough to almost wake the dead. The masses will wake up. It has been decreed and the free will of these people have been in agreement for this plan. You will start to see around you people you may have never thought would awaken to the spiritual, and one by one will start to stir as if waking up from a long nap. Then we ask you to support these people. Help them with the resources they need to play catch up. They will turn to you at that time. You will see how you will then move from the old place of negativity to a new place of hope. This will be your collective new piece of the plan. We are coming into a new earth both in essence and in form and we promise you that what will replace all systems, and governing rules and regulations, will be the new upgraded version of earth and its people. Blessings are waiting for you beyond the current pain and suffering. Just keep believing until you all get there and remember many are walking beside you. Ask for a sign. You will surely get it. Blessings" 💜


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