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Angels Abound

I have had an interesting observation lately. There have been more and more Angels gathering around each one of us and Mother Earth at this time. I have never seen so many helpers before. This is a two-fold sign. The first part of the sign is we need them as never before. With all the negativity and uncertainty, we need them to tip the scales in favor of the light. The second part of the sign is that they're working overtime and assisting us to do our job to do what we came here to do. Our purpose has never felt more important than now. Wake up earth Angels and feel the vibe calling out to you. There is a frequency calling out to everyone. It’s your soul signature. If you listen closely you will know which one is yours and your unconscious messaging will filter itself through to you in your waking hours.

We all have a role to play in the big finale. This is what we have waited for. This Earth is not going anywhere, but it is up to us to choose if we want to help be part of this major cleanup. There is no accident to you being here now and if you are reading this, you are meant to help.

The Angels ask that since we have free will, we have to call them in and direct them to these issues that are occurring at this time. Pick one that may be near and dear to your heart or that you are sensitive about and call the Angels to clean up any residue surrounding the issue. It doesn’t matter how many of us call them in for the same issue, we need all the help we can get. The more we focus on bringing the light in, the more healing can occur. You may vary causes or issues if you want. You can also ask the Angels to bring messages to those who lead our country. They may come to them in dream time or through the words that others may speak. It’s important not to give up and keep going. Never underestimate what one person along with the Angels can do. What if it was up to you to turn the tables? Don’t let the Angels down.

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