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A Word from Spirit

I'm passing on the words that came from Spirit.

You are living in an amazing time. It may not feel like this with all the chaos and challenges many have been going through, but this is not a time to give up or lose faith. We have said this before and will again, don't lose faith. You have been waiting for this moment in time as you have all trained for it Spiritually. You have learned how to keep your minds focused on the outcome you all desire. You have learned how to keep your emotional bodies balanced by not getting into the drama that surrounds you at this time. You have learned how to prepare your physical bodies so you may uplevel them and raise your frequency. You all have your specialty fields, even if you can't remember them consciously. You are more than prepared for the changes coming. The changes have been coming for years and will continue until global consciousness awakens like a spiritual tsunami and people will make choices that will benefit and support the whole.

When that day comes dear ones, the light shall return to the planet in the way it was meant to be. You will celebrate the garden as it once was. No more separation. You will turn to your brothers and sisters and embrace them as you all remember together why you came here in the first place. Only the strong survive and you are all strong. Do not let the roles you have chosen in your everyday life fool you. You're all incognito, from yourselves as well!

You have heard it said before that you are in the end times. This does not mean you will perish, or the end to your planet. It means the end to all suffering, separation, pain, lack, starvation, and so much more. Continue to be patient, knowing that you are making a difference day by day by just showing up to continue the work. Your work is what comes across your field of vision day by day. Remember, it's in the little things at times that make the most difference in the world. They all add up and change people's lives. So, continue to envision as a soul group the kind of world you want, not what you are being shown right now on your news. Inner and outer peace is what awaits you at the end of the journey. Take a breath, get a sense of humor, and celebrate what you have already shifted. It's working!

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