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A Return To Innocence

At this time of year as an adult, it can become very stressful as we are responsible for everything. It can really take the fun and joy out of the holiday. We fight the crowds in the mall or grocery stores, look at our gift-giving list, and then our bank and charge balances. The stress can be unbearable because of all the cooking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping. By the time the holiday even gets here, we’re burnt out and too tired to even enjoy what it's really supposed to represent.

One of the joys I do find is looking at the children’s faces. They are full of joy, hope, and promise. There is even a look of wonder and Magic written all over them. They are fully present in each moment. I think it really is the look of innocence and belief that they have, that we have lost. Interesting enough, the very things the children enjoy, are the ones that make us crazy! What if we could recapture that piece, change our attitude about the holidays and remember that it is all about love? I think that alone would change things.

This year I have decided to make some changes with my own rituals of the holidays. If it causes me too much stress by the hustle and bustle of it, it’s going to be removed.

Don’t get me wrong, even some of the things I love are very stressful to prepare. This year I am checking my list twice, consciously removing anything stressful from my have to list.

There are simple ways to still be in the feeling of giving without spending. You can choose to give a gift of yourself to everyone you meet. Holding a door, giving a smile to someone, letting a car out in front of you. These acts of kindness help you to return to the innocence and love that you truly are. The best thing is that it doesn’t cost you anything!


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