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A New Operating System

As we have been living in 3-D, we have to remember we are shifting from moment to moment. As we prepare collectively to take the next jump to higher dimensions, we have to remember things will not be the same. We will be moving to a new operating system. It will be pretty clear to you that you can no longer continue to pretend to continue life from the old way of being. You will be re-evaluating EVERYTHING - relationships, jobs, what's truly important to you, and everything else.

We have to own our choices and decisions remembering that like an artist with a blank canvas, we do create our reality moment to moment. The new operating system will vibrationally shift us higher and higher to the point that all our old software won't work in the new energies anymore. We will have to stay only in the moment and make our decisions from that place of knowing what's right for us or not. If we try to hold onto the old, it will not work anymore. The old rules, regs, and structures will be coming to an end. The new system will represent what the collective wants, the higher order of things. The Saturnian walls will be tumbling down only to build a stronger structure that will serve the whole. In the future, raising your vibration to higher levels of consciousness will be everything. Imagine a world that works vibrationally together to mimic all the Universal Laws at their finest.

As we are starting to shift personally, it is important to know that when you feel something is no longer a fit in your life, let go with love. Many of you are already feeling the shift. I promise you that what you let go of will come back in the most perfect form to you when it's time. It's important to know that we cannot control the timing of this, but it is Spiritual Law that it has to be replaced by something of higher vibration. Many of you have already experienced this or at least have been moving in this direction. With these changes coming in, it applies to our environment and our things as well. We will be guided to go through all our things to see if they still hold our vibration or not. If not, out with the old making room for the new. This applies to our home and car as well. Also, I have been experiencing the breaking down of lots of things. Certain appliances or electronics are no longer working. It is helpful to know that everything is vibration. Even though it may be inconvenient and costly to start replacing everything, it's a sign that you are climbing the ladder of vibration.

Happy vibing!


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