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A Message from Spirit

This is a time of getting really ready to move forward. Although we are approaching your season of Winter and we know you all want to kick back at that time and hibernate

For this season, this is not the time. We speak to you of being engaged in your life and as it is the holiday season, there is much love to use for momentum to move forward.

There is a window of time from November 20-December 25 that you can use this time to make your presence known in your own life to take the actions to accomplish your goals. The reason this is so important is during this time there will be more light pouring on the Earth.

Whenever this amount of light comes, it brings with it the illumination of many things. It can show one where they need to go to create more in alignment with what’s important to them. We suggest you use this time to take some of your action steps to move forward. If you are not ready for that, use the light as a way to look at your life and bring to the surface what needs correction. Meditate on areas of imbalance. Do not waste this expansive energy. This will be a time when your meditation will be clearer, your thoughts will slow down enough for you to receive higher guidance that can point out a new way for you.

Call in your spiritual team of master teachers, guides, or angels to help assist you in making the correct adjustments of where you need to go in order to grow personally and professionally. This will give you a jumpstart for your New Year if you wish.

This energy can also be used for balancing your body or mind. Bring in the light by calling in the light of Lyra and directing it into whatever is out of balance or calling for attention in your body. Imagine the light is moving energetically slowly through your body and ask for the light to move through it. See this as a prayer that may lift the heaviness or worry of it all. Either way we suggest that this energy not be wasted as it can be a tool to help you at this time. Blessings on your illumination.

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