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A Calling from Infinite Intelligence

How is your connection with source? Whether you call it God, Spirit, The Universe, or Infinite Intelligence, we can agree that something is helping us to create and manifest or at least guide us. This presence is like a giant GPS saying if you want to go to your destination then you might want to take these steps. Giving us a giant nudge just like a good mom that has your back. Often, we get guidance that will point us in the right direction, but often our control freak self won't listen. Why is that?

Many clients have come to me saying that they have tones or frequencies in their ears that won't go away. The numbers have increased lately. I myself have had an increase in the number of tones in my ears. When I sat with this, I was told that the connection with source energy was trying to connect in more of a direct way. Many don't feel worthy to go direct and so they will go to Ascended Masters, Angels, or even their guides before going to source. This is source saying stop and answer the phone, will Ya?

We are all capable of our own direct connection with source. Are we afraid of what the energy will say? Would you be willing to follow the guidance no matter what? Remember that you are a cosmic being, not just a human being, and with that comes a greater role of service. We are all here to shift this planet and ourselves into Ascension. With that may come some sacrifices at least from the human perspective. Sometimes there are some uncomfortable growing pains associated with that. We have to get over it!

Infinite Intelligence will never shove you. It will suggest a different path if you're out of alignment and it is up to you if you follow it or not. If you don't like the path you are on and your life isn't going the way you want it, change it. If you don't take the guidance and put it into action, no problem it is your choice. Don't complain to everyone and their brother, if you don't take the guidance and your life becomes more of the same. Most importantly, you have free will so enjoy it. If you don't get it right this time remember that you have as many more lifetimes as you would like to get it right. 💜

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