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4 Ways To Open Your Heart While Sitting At Home

During these uncertain times, it's important to use our time wisely. One of the best uses of our time can be opening our hearts. Although many of our hearts are already open, it's important that we stretch them even more. There are many things that can do that for us, and today I'll talk about four of them.

The first thing to open your heart is to think of someone that is struggling right now. They may feel lost, depressed, or confused with all the news, worry, and constant bombardment of information coming at them. Pick someone who has had a loss, is ill, an elderly person, or even someone who lives alone. Then dedicate 5 minutes a day to sending them wonderful thoughts, positivity, and imagining them healthy and whole.

The second heart opener is to do something wonderful for someone that they can’t do for themselves or will save them time. For example, you could cook dinner for a neighbor or family member and drop it off on their doorstep. Imagine if you were on the front lines working and you came home to find dinner made for you. It’s such a small thing to do, but the appreciation is huge.

The third heart opener is by reaching out and keeping the tele lines going. Call someone and just listen to them. Many have lost the art of listening to someone who has no one to share with. After you're done listening, it's important that you let someone know you have heard them. Don’t offer advice......just listen. By doing this you are also letting people know you care and are thinking about them.

The fourth heart opener is about expressing YOUR feelings to someone else. What would it be like to make a card and to tuck a letter in it with some kind words and thoughts for a loved one and put it in the mail. It would be like the old days when people were excited to get mail. The fact that you're thinking about them and taking the time to let them know is priceless.

There is a simple reason why all of these things open your heart and it's because they all make you feel wonderful. When we do acts of kindness, it is our true nature. It's who we really are and it feels good to us to be expanding the essence of our own good with no particular agenda - just love. So while you have this time on your hands, do it with love. You will be filled with gratitude as well for giving your time and energy. The heart always expands when we give or receive with love. Happy heart opening!


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