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Today is a powerful day - 12/12, December 12th. It is a day that shouldn't be taken lightly. The energy is very powerful today and should be used to help you to shift and grow or up level. This energy can help us to activate and raise our energy field but must be directed. We need to take advantage of the energy and raise our vibration. We can do this by setting an intention to clear our aura and our energy fields. We each have a Merkaba which is a vehicle of light that houses our light body. This is an opportunity to make a big shift.

What we can expect besides this activation is a feeling of more wholeness. A feeling of completion, and seeing the bigger picture more clearly. We can be more conscious and see through the eyes of love. We can better appreciate the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. A higher consciousness day for sure! The best way to utilize the energy is to meditate. Visualize your Merkaba of light around you and your light body. Practice breathing in and out twelve times. Think of you raising your vibration and being in alignment with service to spirit. That means being a helpful person to all you meet. Leave people with more energy than you take. Spending time in nature is a great way to get in touch with your soul, perhaps a winter walk. Quiet time at home is also a great way to get in touch with your soul. I also love journaling as a way to hear my own thoughts. The numerology 1212 means a spiritual awakening. Utilize the whole day and you will receive many blessings for sure!

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