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Tarot Readings

In-person or phone sessions available.

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Using tarot cards I will look at the psychic unfoldment of your path in this life.
15 minutes is basically one or two questions, in 30 minutes we start with some numerology, a general reading first, and then looking at those areas in your life you may have questions about, and 60 minute sessions include all of the above, and plenty of time to cover all your questions.

15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes sessions available:

15 minutes: $35

30 minutes: $65

60 minutes: $120

90 minutes: $180

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading:

Please come prepared. Bring written questions. Often during the reading people will forget what they wanted to know and you can waste time on trying to remember. I start with a general reading first. Then I move onto looking at different areas of your life; relationships, vocation or career, health, money, life purpose. When we have completed looking at one of these areas intuitively, I will then ask if you have any questions around the information I just gave, and what questions you may have concerning that area. That’s when you may ask the questions you have brought with you. 

Please do not come in with a prove it to me attitude. I have done hundreds of readings.
The more open you are, the better and deeper the reading. After your reading is done, I do not remember it, so know if you email or call me with another question about it, it’s gone. Each reading is not fixed in stone as many would like you to believe. It is a trajectory based on the direction you are following now. If you consciously make a decision to move into another direction, things can change. Thank you💗

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