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Which Self Will You Listen To?

In almost every moment we all have an opportunity to listen and then make the right decision. If we don't make the right one, don't worry, there will be many more opportunities if you just wait! When someone comes at you and challenges or attacks you, remember that you don't have to listen to the part of you that wants to be right. We have the freedom to listen to the voice inside us that wants peace more than to be right. Ask yourself, what self do you want to empower? The ego-self will shout the loudest. That voice for sure will do whatever it takes to prove itself right. It is never worth it. Trust me, you will never feel good about it.

By empowering the Self that is not invested in whatever people think of you, it is a win-win for all. If we just let it be, we can diffuse anything coming at us.

It's important to remember that the dark energy continues to work through all they can. When we're overtired, hungry, or overworked, (you get the picture) they can target us much easier. I have had this happen to me at times when I've been overtired. Always reinforce your protection when feeling this way. If they can't get to you, watch out for the people around you. If someone tries to start with you out of the blue, send light & love, and just smile. Don't let them get to you. Listen to the right Self, and all will be well.


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