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What's in Your Heart Space?

With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, it always brings me back to the heart. It is so much more than buying candy or flowers for loved ones. For me, it makes me think about how loving I am, and also about how healthy our hearts are. Think about all that gets recorded in the heart. Our hearts record anything that has happened emotionally to us. With that said, is it any wonder heart attacks are at the top of the list for people dying? Think of that phrase, "heart attack". Our heart is under attack. All our hurt and pain, disappointments in love, stress, and rushing through our life unconsciously.

I have always thought that the heart was the most important organ in the body. It truly is our record keeper. Science has found that the heart is right up there with the brain in order of importance. The heart even has an energy field three times that of the brain. When we invite people close to us into our personal space, their energy can affect or infect the energetics of our hearts. A sensitive person can feel it right away if someone really negative gets too close to them. This is why having good boundaries is so important.

A good way to work in partnership with the energetics of the heart is to meditate daily. By slowing down and hitting the reset button, one can destress or even relax more. I like to visualize the cells in my heart breathing in and out. With the in-breath I visualize light going into my cells in the heart. With the out-breath, I breathe out any stress.

You may also want to give your heart a voice by journaling what it feels or wants to express. This is a way to create more heart space. By creating more space, we create more space for loving ourselves and others.

So, if you're in a relationship, celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember your partner’s love language and give the gift of yourself. If you’re not, celebrate yourself - clear your beautiful heart, and put a little love in your heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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