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Universal Laws

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Everyone always mentions that they wish they had a handbook for being here. I believe that learning about, and understanding the 12 universal laws IS the handbook for being here. Many have heard about law of attraction, and have followed information from The Secret. It was great for introduction purposes, but it is not that easy as to just make a vision board and expect everything to just show up. There are laws and sub-laws that work together to teach us how to maneuver through the currents of life. We are people that are bound by universal laws, and therefore we are accountable to them. At some deep level we do know them perhaps from another time, and place. These laws have been set into place by a Universal Karmic Board that really has a job of overseeing them. Whether we consciously remember them or not, we have to follow them.

Just to name a few: The Law Of Success The Law Of Receiving The Law Of Attraction The Law Of Supply The Law Of Vibration is intertwined in each one, because everything is vibration.

It’s clear that we have to watch our words, thoughts, and actions. When we’re in alignment with the laws, life flows, opportunity just comes, and life is good!

When we’re out of alignment with the laws, life challenges us in every way possible. We have these tests of initiations that are geared for us to choose correctly, so we can move through life with grace and ease. The tests seem to get more difficult as we up level on our path to spiritual growth. When we make the wrong choice, we know because things don’t go well, and we just keep choosing until we get it. When we get it, things go back into alignment, and life flows until the next test.

We can almost see it as us having this GPS system that is connected to our soul. If we make the right choice for our path, it feels good, and it flows. If we make a choice that is not aligned with our path, it challenges us to the core. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter which one we choose, There all about soul growth, and all roads lead to home!


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