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Tuning Into The Present

As we emerge from the difficult times we have had over the last year, living in the moment can help heal our issues around loss, fear, fear of lack, calm stress, and spark optimism towards the future. Bouncing back can be difficult, especially if we’re exhausted from the fight of it all. It can't and won't happen overnight. We are all returning to a new normal and none of us is sure what that will look like. It's hard for us to even imagine. Whatever your struggle has been over this time, it's all very unique and personal to you. One thing I know for sure is it's time to try and heal from all of this.

As we stay in the moment and try to be mindful of how this has impacted us, we can choose to let it heal gently by focusing on what we have to do in the moment. By understanding that just in this moment of time I am safe. Just in this moment of time, I am focused on the task at hand. Just for this moment in time, I am grounded.

Recovery is on the horizon and is a necessary step. No matter how you choose to go through it, whatever tools you decide to use, it's perfect. Some may be trying to find the courage to go out to eat again, be around their friends again, or even go back to work in the physical space. Whatever you're struggling with, by taking baby steps you will eventually get there. It's important to have the courage to face your fears.

There are so many mindfulness tools you can use: meditation, exercise, EFT, breathwork, grounding, and so much more. Pick one and try it. They are all geared to keep you in the present moment, as that is all we really have. Pick one and try it until you find something you resonate with. Eventually, you will feel lighter and will be able to let go of the past so we can create a new future together, one step at a time.

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