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The Shift

As we move into the new earth so much is changing and will be

changing. There's a big shift going on in case you haven't noticed.

Everyone wants to know what is coming, what’s going to happen next

but sometimes we are not meant to know ahead of time. I think it's

human nature to want to know but what if we were meant not to know

ahead? We need to know to be prepared but are we ever really


It's time to trust the unseen and know that the solutions will come if we

stay in the moment and trust our intuition. I find that often in the

eleventh hour, it all comes together. What if we remembered that we

all have free will and free choices, and it can change in the moment?

Maybe that's the point of the new energies of the shift. In the new

reality, planning may be a waste of time because reality is always

changing. I always make a plan as my life theme is planning, but

lately, I often have to ignore that and go with what feels right in the

moment. The new energy will call to you where it wants to go and your

job is to follow the trail in. Remember to trust in the unseen and

remember that everything is perfect just as it is, and the shift will

happen with or without your help!


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