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The Ripple Affect

Since we have so many planets in retrograde, we are diving into the shadowy unconscious deep undercurrent of ripples of old patterns, paradigms and the unhealed wounds of long ago. The more we hold tightly to them, the more the universe begs us to let go for our own sake. The ripple can be good or bad depending on the frequency. The higher frequencies help us to shift quickly and painlessly by just letting go. Spirit shows me an image of being on a rollercoaster screaming and letting go of the bar. After the initial shock of it all, it becomes fun. We trust if we surrender to the current, we won’t fall out. On the other hand, fighting the ripple of change by holding on tightly to what once was, will bring you pain because eventually you will have to let go and when you finally do, it may feel like whiplash from the universe. Your freer, more expanded version of you is waiting to ripple throughout your life, affecting everyone and everything you come in contact with. It’s contagious! Before you know it, you will be an agent for change becoming a new ripple of energy holding more photonic light pouring into your cells and bodies from the heavens above. This is a golden opportunity over the next 3-6 months to shift into higher dimensional consciousness. Take advantage of this elevated state that the universe is providing us and grow...grow...grow.....

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