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The Order of the Blue Rose

Long ago, when Mary Magdalene and Christ walked the earth there was an amazing group of women that continued his teachings of unconditional love and all the mysteries he taught them that were not shared with the common folk. This was part of the hermetic teachings of the mystery schools handed down verbally from one group to another. The symbolism of the Blue Rose was about the real truth and connecting the throat chakra with the heart chakra.

The Blue Rose teachings were the Goddess teachings of the Christed energies and the Divine Mother. As it is said that Jesus himself came from Venus and Venus is a planet all about love. Venus holds the energy of the Blue-ray. The Goddess Aphrodite also rules this planet. These teachings hold the advanced teachings of the heart. These were the teachings of both Christ and Magdalene that they were bringing to earth at that time.

When Christ left the earth plane, Magdalene continued to pass this on through her lineage. As light holds information in it, the light was able to pass this advanced knowledge down. Those that were able to work with this energy were able to delve into the many levels and layers of the heart’s passageways, including opening the hearts as well. Those that were able to work with these energies could work with healing, prophesy, light and sound, and crystals as well. They could go into nature and bring the waters and land back into balance again. As these gifts could be used in either direction, it was critical that only those of a certain vibration and lineage could be entrusted with these teachings.

Many civilizations held pieces of these teachings including ancient Egypt, Atlantis, France, and Avalon. In Atlantis, the Priestesses in the temples worked diligently with color and sound and emanated the Blue template within them. Although Atlantis was male-dominated and it was not ready for these teachings, those that perished, or were relocated at that time, took the teachings with them.

Since many of you are still carrying these teachings of The Order of the Blue Rose, I put a clarion call out to you, men and women alike to start to awaken these teachings again, at a time when the world really needs it. We need to anchor the light and teachings of the heart and the Divine Feminine on earth NOW! You can start by meditating on this information, as it holds the light of heaven within us. If you resonate with these words, know that they are also encoded with light to awaken and help those that hold these energies to start to bring them to the forefront of your conscious mind.

I will continue to share more information about this topic and plan on creating a course that will help those remember, so stay tuned.

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