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The Great Awakening

As I write my blogs for the Whole month ahead of time, here’s to hoping that our Divine Time Out is becoming shorter than longer. I have learned so much during this time. I have seen the resilience of people from all over the world - the acts of kindness, caring, sharing, and the compassion is amazing! People are learning how to be their Divine selves again. Sometimes in our hurriedness of our day BTV (before the virus), we were so busy acting human, we forgot we are truly Divine. No matter how we choose to cover ourselves up, that part of us is and always will be there. We were designed this way and though some may have forgotten who they REALLY are, many of us were reminded over the last few weeks.

I think of it like taking on a role for a play. First, you read the script and once you make a decision to take it on, you can get so caught up with the role, you start to believe you are this character. Before you know it, it’s consuming you 24/7 and even though you know it’s only a role and you want to stop the way you're behaving, before you know it it can feel like a mask you’ve been wearing that you take off. It's time to have compassion for all those parts of yourself that are not who you want them to be. Imagine just finishing your role in a show that has run for a longtime on Broadway. When you first leave the theater there are so many emotions; sad, happy, and complete all at the same time. You wonder what’s next. Then as you let that role go piece by piece and some time passes, you realize there is a whole big world out there. What role shall I play next? The next show is one where you play your True self. There is no rehearsal, no studying of lines; you were prepared  for this time. The script is within you and you know exactly what to do. You may have temporarily forgotten, but it’s there underneath all you thought was once so important. As time goes on I am able to see more and more of everyone’s true nature and I know that’s a sign of us remembering who we are. Remember that this world has been the illusion that so many got caught up in. It’s time to start creating a new world for all of us. I think of one of those apocalypse movies where in the end when they come out of their bunkers, the sun is shining, and everyone is just staring at the earth and each other. There is always a feeling of hope for creating a new day and a new way. It’s time. What kind of world do you imagine coming out of this great awakening? Let’s create a better world and never forget how the love always shines through! Do your part!

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