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The Galactic Federation of Light

This is a message from a group of beings from the light assisting us at this time of need.

“To all those who can hear the call far and wide. It is now time to get your house in order. A time to clean out old ways, old agendas, and old emotions leftover from old civilizations that lie dormant in your cells. You remember the days of old, the good and bad, the rising and the falling, and sometimes this is exactly what keeps you stuck. Time has run out and you can no longer just accept what is. Don't wait for someone else to fix what to think is wrong.

We, the Galactic Federation of Light come to awaken you to you're greater selves. The part of you who knows everything and is untouched by what is happening around you. It is time to focus on raising your consciousness beyond where you have gone before. You’re entering a time of warp speed where things will start to change very rapidly. It is up to the collective consciousness to decide which direction you create in.

We suggest you spend more time in meditation and being still because this will center and balance you in the days ahead. We are doing our best to assist Earth in its Ascension back into the light. Because you are in the physical, we need your help. You become the hands and feet in your reality. We will continue to honor our agreement as we are in partnership with you. You do your part, we do ours. By working from your divinity, all will be assured.

We suggest you stay out of the fear, the what-ifs, and the drama playing out at this time. It serves no one. Hold your mind on the highest positive outcomes for all! You are moving from darkness into the light. This transition can be easy with your assistance. Remember, the light has already won. You are just playing out the last chapters in a book. You will get to the last page where you will see the whys of why it all happened. This is a critical time so stay in the light. Remember you are the light and to the light, you will all return. Call on us for strength when you need it, for we are not far away. Leaving you in the light of the most radiant one.”


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