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The Fire Inside

Many have been talking about how they have an accumulation of energy that they can’t seem to push through them, and it is causing a lot of anxiety within them. I feel this is the fire energy that is mirroring all the change in our world. Whenever something is happening outside of us, it does reflect within us as well. It feels like a pulsing, amplified energy that just swirls inside. This is us trying to purge some of Mother Earths extra fire energy. We must learn how to discard it in healthy ways. It also reflects burning off the things in our life that no longer works for us. It’s a time of letting go knowing it’s just part of the cycle of life.

A few ways to get rid of the extra energy is to exercise daily, get in water and soak, or even to use healthy sex as a way to push through this. It’s important to distribute the energy evenly through your body and not let it get stuck in just one place. Once the energy moves, you will feel more balanced to return to a place of normalcy.


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