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The Energies Of October

After coming out of the lighter energies of September, with the ushering in of October comes with it a time of discipline, structure, and boundaries. It’s time to get serious now.

What is it that you would like to change? Sometimes the change you would like to see is internal and sometimes it’s external. Ask yourself what is still unsettling within that you either have to let go of or make a change? Then with compassion and love, step by step walk towards the changes you would like to see. When we’re looking for outer change, start by making a list and get crystal clear what you would like to see as a result. Then break it all down into bite size  pieces and everyday calendar the step you would be willing to take. The planetary shifts happening this month will assist us all to get busy.

The planet Pluto goes direct this month. It’s been in retrograde and has been pounding us to go deep into the underworld of our shadow side. Enough, I hear you all screaming! You will now start to feel the relief of all those parts of you that has been undergoing the transformation and healing. On October 13 there will be a full moon in Aires. The moon is asking us to be free and push for greater freedom in our lives. Go after what makes you happy and take charge of your life! The sun shifts into Scorpio on October 23, as we are asked to go deeper with our psychic abilities and trust our feelings and process our emotions. October 27 brings in the new moon in Scorpio. With Scorpio being an intense sign of rebirth, it’s time to shine with your fresh starts and new beginnings, all while trusting your psychic nudges from the universe.

October 31- November 20- Mercury Retrograde Alert In Scorpio. Review...Review...Review... Look at your past with new, fresh, eyes and see what still needs a shift. Great time to have any mechanical things checked or backed up. Check your car, back up your computer and generally get things in order. Organize, de-clutter and know that in general when Mercury goes retrograde it’s not a time to do large purchases. Think about what you would like, research it but don’t pull the trigger yet.

All in all the month of October will be a getter done month. Don’t waste this energy!

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