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The Effects Of Our Unhealed Wounds

Everybody really has these unhealed wounds from old trauma that you may walk around with going unnoticed from yourself and others. We may feel we can hide them if we are aware of them but in reality they are showing their faces in many ways. When one is unhealed they may not be able to cope with life, they feel hopeless and can't feel the full range of emotions. If we think about it, this is no way to live our lives. We also can't give fully because these old wounds make it impossible to. We have what is called a stress response that is like a fight or flight response. It puts our nervous system on alert and we feel dozen in our experience. If we don't heal from this, every time a new experience has fear in it it activates the fight or flight again and it is like we are right back in our original sensitizing event. It will energetically take us through all the unhealed emotions. This is no way to live. We don’t want to stay locked into these old fears. Sometimes you will have a different kind of injury, experience or fear based situation and even though it isn’t the same experience as the old one you reach the tipping point and have a meltdown where everything comes up. That’s when we really need to pay attention and seek help from an energy worker, therapist and or doctor.

We need to create a safe place in our world. All the different ages of when you went through these experiences are still there. In fact, you are looking through the eyes of those ages at the world. We need to remember that was just one chapter of your story but if you don’t heal it it can become the whole book responding from the old wounds.

You deserve a full life. You deserve to experience all your emotions especially joy!

So start to see what wounds you still have the next time you react overly to something that doesn’t even have anything to do with what’s in front of you. Go deeper and be willing to explore, pause, and heal them. You will feel like a new person.

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