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The Company You Keep

You may have read that we are the sum total of the people we hang with. You can't help but align with the vibration of those you’re around. Ever notice that if your not a complainer and all of a sudden your are around people that complain all the time, that it is easier for you to fall into that trap? Gossiping is another example. We all hate it but maybe there are certain peeps in your group that do it all the time. Are you bold enough to say something in that moment? Maybe not. The point is that we all want to be our best selves but at certain times we feel vibrationally incapable of addressing the real issue. No one wants to be the one that singles people out for fear of rejection from the group. Will I be looked down on? Will people think Im better than them?

The point is that we need to choose our friends more wisely. Are they the example of who you want to be with? How will you feel if you are judged by their words or actions?

We have all had some of those experiences. I know I don't want any more of them!

Before you call me a Spiritual snob, stop and think about what I'm really saying. You really do want to hang out with people either equal to your vibration or even higher than yours.

It gives you something to strive for. Higher vibration always wins but you don't have to always be the one trying to uplift everyone else. By just being mindful of this, you can make better choices that will lead you up the vibrational scale. This is not to say that every once in a while you can't go to an event with these people, just don't get involved in the reindeer games, as I call it. Keep in your own lane, arms in, and don't get any on you! Happy discerning!

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