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The Collective Heart

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Each one of us has our own heart energy, and also we add to the collective heart energy. When one doesn’t think they make a difference, they do! Everyone of us holds a piece of the collective heart energy. Wherever we are on the path of light, good or bad, light or dark, we are adding to either the tension of this world or the healing of this world. Our reality is created as a whole in every moment. We say we want change, but change doesn’t always come overnight. We want truth, but we forget that truth is an evolution. We must stay consistent with our thinking, and choosing. It takes time to disassemble what once was, and to create a new world. When we’re dealing with the collective, the majority has to be in alignment. People truly can’t make up their mind even about what they want for dinner, never mind what they want the world to look like.

When enough of the majority of Earths people come together with prayer, focus, and unwavering faith, we will start to see the changes we have longed for. The collective heart will come on line in a solid way, and will then work for the good of all.

I was reminded of this the other night when Gerard and I were watching a documentary about Woodstock since it’s been 50 years since then. I was at Woodstock and it seems surreal like another lifetime ago. I was reminded of how everyone pooled together to help one another, and it wasn’t just the young folks. Young and old alike came forward when we ran out of food. People in the area went into their cabinets to donate whatever they had to feed these kids. Medics volunteered to help. It was truly an amazing sight to see. People sharing food, clothes, shelter. In looking back I wonder, was I really there to see what is possible when we put our hearts together. This was the collective heart, and what we are truly capable of when we put our differences, and judgements aside. This sparked quite a conversation with me and Gerard, as we could see what is possible when we give peace a chance.

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