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Taking A Respite

As we come into the changing of the seasons, it is a great time to reset and take a respite. I always feel like I need one just at that time. It’s a time to look at what you have created in the last season and to let go of the need to drag it along in the new season. Think of it as a fresh slate and a new opportunity. Sometimes just taking a break to let go is refreshing and feels new.

For some you may be lucky to have the time and money to take a quick trip to one of your favorite spots to contemplate and regroup. Others will take a few days off in their own environment to recharge and play catch-up with sleep or changing their environment a little in preparation of the turning of the wheel. Either way, make sure you take a few moments to honor what your spirit and soul is calling for you to do. Sometimes it’s in the non doing and just being. Do your internal check and ask the right questions from your infinite self and you will get really clear on what’s next for you. As for me, I’m leaving for Sedona, Arizona for a few days to catch my breath and meditate on what’s next for me. It’s amazing what a little sun, swimming, hiking and Zumba will do for you!

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