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Stress On The Body

I believe that stress is here to stay because we always have more to do then time to do it. The results of this is stress on the body. You may not even know that because you may be use to always multi-tasking or taking on too much. We are just trying to survive, and we now know that survival implies that we only have just enough to survive. Just enough energy, time, resources or whatever. Truly, it is no way to live long term. When we are repeatedly outpouring more energy then what we’re taking in the long term results are not good. One day the body starts fighting back and it’s important to read the signals as soon as it does. The energy is telling you it is stuck. Often it isn’t even our stress but other people’s stress, especially if you’re an empath like me. If you ignore the pain or imbalance, the body expands it to get your attention, and by then you better pay attention or you could end up with a long term illness.

The imbalance always starts by affecting the mental body, and emotional body before it hits the physical body. It’s easier to clear it on the other bodies before it hits the physical. The trauma is the source of disconnect in the body and keeps us from living in the moment. It also keeps us from setting proper boundaries. It can feel like being a hamster on the wheel.

There are many ways to deal with stress. You can see a Dr. therapist, or energy healer.

There are some simple things to help with stress before it gets to be too much. You can meditate, take a walk, do breathwork, use essential oils, practice EFT (emotional freedom technique), or even just put on some great music. The goal  is to release the stress, take on only what you can do without compromising yourself, and be more present and live in the now while feeling safe in your body.

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