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Spirit World

This is the time of year that the veil between this world and Spirit world is very thin. This makes it easier to tune in to the other side. Be aware of the signs and signals your loved ones may be trying to send you at this time. No matter how subtle or strong they may be, notice them. If you sit quietly and take time to notice more often than not you can feel them around you. Trust whatever you are feeling, sensing or intuiting. Your peeps on the other side are committed to you and your growth as well. This is the time of year that spirit is opening the doorway to the other side. Please know that there are no special gifts you need to step into that doorway. Many people find a lot of success from just having the intention to connect. Remember that everything is intention.

Once you receive your insight, TRUST IT! It’s like plugging back in where your plug has slipped out of an outlet. Once it’s back in the energy just flows. Ask for signs in your everyday life from them. You will surely receive them of your paying attention. Most importantly have fun with it!


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