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Seek to Become

Many walk around with such fear of what is to come or they surrender to whatever will be will be. Neither is correct. If we have nothing but fear of our future than we are creating moment by moment in the wrong direction. We create the very thing we are afraid of. And if we just surrender and let the world decide where we are going as a collective by surrendering to whatever happens, we draw in more negativity and low vibe experiences. That is not what we want, yet many are too busy with their lives to take the time to meditate on the highest and best outcomes for all. We know we don’t want war yet we continue to think about it, talk about it and even watch it on the news.

We need to remember that our body, and the cells that are in it, is a universe in itself.

Therefore, when one negative thought goes into one cell, it replicates and spreads like cancer within, and before you know it, you become consumed with thinking more of the same thoughts. Then that becomes your reality, one way or another. Seek to become without fear even with a single thought at first. You will feel so different that it will feel addicting to you. You will want more love and light and hope in your cells. It is the feminine heart that holds hope for us all. Everyone, both male and female can hold the balanced heart. The feminine heart that loves deeply and wants what's best for all.

That is the outcome we should be thinking about, and modeling for others. If we leave it all up to others, it may not go well. We all need to do our part.

We need to remember to keep raising our own vibratory field, and once we do raise it we need to hold it there. Our vibratory field can shift those around us. Someone could be walking by us or standing by us, and their energy could be forever changed. That energy could shift an aspect of someone forever. Then think of what that person could do to help make the world a better place. Then that energy could spread exponentially and do a lot of good in the world. Just control YOUR mind and energy and spread the light.

We need it now!

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