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Returning to Yourself

We live in exciting times! There is so much at any given moment going on around us. We need to open our eyes and be forewarned about what may be ahead of us. Although people think they can’t do much about what is happening, we need to remember we do have the power to control our own thoughts and actions and the first step is to return to oneself and return to love. I know for myself, that is the only thing that gives me peace.

If we return to love, we return to unity which ultimately expands out. Just like the law of attraction, wherever you put your focus expands out and affects or infects everyone. People want to know what to do to help, and yet they are fully equipped to be in the privacy of their own homes sending love, prayers, and positivity out to the world.

We need to stand in the light moving from the darkness that has surrounded us for many years. One just has to look around to see the effects of what has been going on. We need to envision Spirit’s light surrounding us because we know the light has power. We need to see clearly what's going on, what feels right, and what doesn’t. This may be a very individual decision for you, but follow your heart and do something that feels right to you! At least if you follow YOUR heart, you're doing something.

This is a time for action, action with numbers. What would it look like to have prayer groups again, to meet with like-minded people to look for solutions instead of what's wrong? It's time. Be the light that you really are. Remember the power you have to change things, and recommit to the light. Do your part to change what you don't like, and remember we are here for this particular moment in time, and our souls want to get to the finish line sooner than later. Remember who you are and just do it! Do your part!

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