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Every time we try to make a change, some resistance creeps in. We say we're going on a diet and here comes that co-worker bringing in a plate of your favorite cookies. You say you're going to do your taxes and then you get distracted by something else. What is that something else? That something is the part of us that doesn't like change. We get bored and yet every time we try to shift, we run up against that wall again. I often wonder why when I'm gaining momentum with a new healthy habit, I'm good for only so long and then start to fade off.

The time has come for us to embrace change in light of what has been going on in the world lately. What if this change doesn't go away? We have to get healthier on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. What if we just noticed the resistance, had a conversation with that part of us, and moved on? With all this going on, I am going to try this. I say I want good health but make unhealthy choices now and then. Many of you are working from home now. Guess what? You now have that time to prepare a better meal, get more sleep, go for a walk, and even read that book you have been wanting to read. If you stick with this, it will soon be a new healthy way of living. As I think about it, the resistance part of us is like the ego not wanting to change either. It's like a child afraid. Name your resistance and have a conversation with it and finally make peace with that part of you.

Within the collective consciousness is a big message for us all. GO WITHIN. We are being told to stay in our homes, GO WITHIN. For many, your time is being freed up, GO WITHIN. The message is very clear. How many will heed the call and listen? Meet that resistance head on and just do it! Whatever you have wanted to start, go for it! Keep on track with your succes and own your accomplishments. We are being given a gift of time, so utilize it and make your life, environment, and your mind a beautiful, balanced place where you are clear and ready for any changes that may come.


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