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With everything going on with this virus, many are wondering if life will ever be the same. I think we have to find a new norm. One thing is crystal clear to me and that is using this time for a major regroup. Many of us got caught unprepared and it is truly time to get ourselves in shape on all levels. As we are forced more into our own environments, there is plenty to keep us busy. All those things we have wanted to organize and just haven’t had time for. It’s a time to get us organized inside and out. Utilize this time in the best way and stay calm. All the worry in the world will not change anything. This time is about us taking charge of our own lives and families. Spending time with one another, having more intimate conversations, and spending time going within. This is also a great time to put some new spiritual practices into play. Meditation, breathwork, and journaling to name a few that come to mind. If we use focused intent as a way to move through this time, it will be so much easier for all of us. After all, we’re making history folks! We can go kicking and screaming or using all the spiritual tools we have been given along the way. It’s not only these tools but what about our values and being a wonderful human being? If we ask the question, “how may I be of service” every day you will be shown. This includes being in service to yourself, your family, neighbors, and the world. You may ask, “how you can be in service to the world without leaving your house?” By sending out prayer in any form for the entire world, it will make a difference. What if by us praying, the waterways got clearer, the weather balanced out, the fires stopped, and the smog cleared? That would be amazing! What if we kept praying and some of the world challenges started to shift? What If people started to come to their senses and started caring for one another again? What if there was no more separation?


Please do your part. Love & safety to all of you. 💜

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