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Rebuilding Your Intuition

So many people want to learn about how to build their intuition and yet

it becomes almost impossible for them to get out of their own way.

Many feel they have received intuitive information but quickly dismiss

it because it couldn't possibly be accurate. When you doubt those

thoughts have an energetic vibration that is weak. It can diminish your

energy field. Is it that it comes through so easily that we dismiss it?

Are we expecting it to take longer to recover the information?

Is it our thinking mind that gets in the way of us accepting what seems

to just slide in effortlessly? The answer is a big YES!

The minute you start thinking what if nothing comes? What if I just

can't do it? Then you lower your vibe, your logical thinking mind feels

it has to be involved and you get locked into your thinking. Bam! The

energy starts to move in the wrong direction and becomes even

further away from your right brain and intuitive side. This is one of the

most difficult blocks to developing your own intuition.

You need to trust yourself especially when you are just learning. You

want to be able to step aside your logical mind so you can hear your

guides or team. They want to assist you.

When you start by trusting yourself, you raise your vibration and

create a more supportive space for learning. Trust in itself lifts you up

and sends out a positive signal to the universe. Once you receive

validation for some of your intuitive abilities, keep going. It does get

easier but don't stop there. You do need to put in your practice time to

refine it once you feel you are moving in the right direction. Keep your

logical, thinking mind out of this and surrender to what you are


Intuition is something we are born with and like an athlete exercising

their muscles, we have to energetically imagine that we are exercising

this as well. Once you start opening the flow to this you're on your

way. Just keep going!

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