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As I write this blog, I am very sad as, yet another young life was taken. The amount of young people suicides is hitting an all-time high. This recent one hit very close to home. This person would have been the last person I would have ever thought would take her own life. She had a great job, great relationship, and always appeared to be happy. We have so much to still learn about the human race and why people do what they do. My heart goes out to every person who has ever lost someone to suicide. There are always so many unanswered questions. Is there something we could have done? How come we didn't see it coming, and so many more.

The last few years have contributed to the increase in mental health problems as we know, but how sad is this that our young people can't seem to reach out to get the help they need, or is it that everyone is so busy living their lives that we just can't see the level of suffering that is really going on? Either way, we need to pay closer attention to one another.

It's time to tighten up our circles and encourage more connection and conversation with one another. Take time to answer those calls even when you're busy. Express love to those you care about and let them know they do make a difference in your life. Appreciate the goodness in everyone, and don't focus on only the negative things. Although everyone has their own path, and we never know what other people are working on, we can't sit idly by and watch the future of these kids degenerate. It has been said that when someone leaves that way, the journey is for those that are left behind to heal and come together. One never knows how the survivors' lives are changed, and the detours that they may take along their path.

One thing I do know for sure is that God will be waiting with open arms for your loved one no matter how they died. It's the people that are left behind who still need love and healing. So, if you are depressed whether you are a young person or not, PLEASE talk to a professional and then have your support team as well. If you’re reading this and need to talk, I'm here, and I'm ready to listen. 💜

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