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Potent Astrology Coming Up

Friday, January 10th was a big day and the effects of that astrology can influence us up to 6 months. Uranus the planet of disruption went direct into Taurus an earth sign. It will start to move us in the direction of reviewing our values, sensuality, looking at our money, financial security, and security in general. We will be visiting what we have done to our environment and the earth. Since Uranus is an outer planet, it will be there until 2025 so there will be a lot of environmental issues coming up for healing. January 10th was also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses are always about endings and new beginnings. Where do you still have to do cleanup or clean out? You will know this by what keeps coming up in your life, challenging you to have a different solution in problem-solving. If it hasn’t worked yet, it won’t! Cancer is the sign of the home, family, and maternal. Finding your family, Soul family or tribe will be very important at this time.

On January 12th we will have a special aspect that hasn’t happened since the year 1518. It is called a Stellium which means there are 4 or more planets in a single sign or house. The planets Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun will all be conjunct in Capricorn. This will usher in the beginning of a major shift for humanity in an up-leveling of consciousness. Capricorn will have a major impact on all of us with all these planets there. Capricorn rules success, discipline, persistence, practicality, and sensitivity. These are qualities we must embrace at this time. Capricorn rules our career or profession, so there may be change and or growth in this area as well. This will motivate us to achieve what we really want, our purpose and/or our mission. We will have lots of determination to keep climbing to great heights.

When you read this, look at creating a ritual around the topics I have mentioned. I’m purposely not giving you one because everyone’s idea of their vision will be different. Definitely use all the elements when you're creating - earth, air, water, and fire. It’s always good to write it out and keep track of what your clearing and what you're asking for. Whenever there are powerful aspects with astrology, we can be sure that there are some shake-ups both personally and collectively. Make it a powerful day!

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