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Portals To The Soul

Lately, I have been so observant with what I am taking in vibrationally. If you just stop long enough to monitor your thoughts, words, emotions, and everything you are exposing yourself to consciously or unconsciously, you will be shocked. I believe our eyes, ears, and mouths are like portals consuming everything that comes our way. You may be checking your emails while some movie is on in the background. Whether you notice it or not it's all going in and affecting and infecting you. Stop and look at what you're allowing into your consciousness. Ask yourself what kind of movies are you watching? What books are you reading? What are you eating? What kind of music are you listening to? Do you even stop and listen to the words, you’re singing along to?

Who are you spending time with? If you stop and pay attention to how you feel after engaging with these things, it will give you a clue as to which direction you are moving in, either down the vibrational scale or up the vibrational scale. After watching a shoot 'em up movie you may feel like you just were in it. In fact, you were. A part of you doesn't know the difference between watching it and going through the experience. That's why often you will feel scared or drained after it. You will go through the scenario in your head whether you realize it or not. What would I do if I was in that desperate situation? Start to pay attention and notice what you are noticing.

You need to feed your soul with positive thoughts, good music, awesome, healthy food, and great movies that make you feel good inside with happy outcomes or ones that make you laugh. Hang out with people that remind you of who your authentic self really is. The idea is that after the fact of whatever you are doing, you want to have more energy than before you started. That's the key! Pay attention to your portals and give them what they want!

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