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Owning Your Thoughts

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

As we move into the beginning of December it is important to watch your thoughts. We all know how crazy busy we are at this time of year with all our obligations and celebrations, but we allow this energy to build and affect our nervous system. This energy filters over to our thoughts and affects our thinking. This in itself becomes so stressful it spins the wheel of mental activity. If we know that this is the norm at this time of year, controlling our thoughts is key.

What would be different if we could slow our minds down and choose how we want to be during this holiday season? We could start by visualizing how we want everything to go. Although we can’t control others, we can control what we think and own how we use these thoughts to navigate throughout our day. If we have moments to reset during our day, it becomes easier. I suggest taking a few moments several times a day to reset your nervous system. If we even take 5 minutes, 3 times a day to close our eyes, clear our minds, breathe and redirect any rogue energies you have picked up that is making you spin out of control, this will help to redirect your focus and accomplish what is left for you to do. Breathing is key to realigning your nervous system. Once that is realigned you can choose the thoughts you want to think that are productive and will help you to accomplish everything on your list. By monitoring your breath, it will be easy for you to see what direction you're going in. If your breathing is shallow and your heart is racing, the stress is ruling your body. When you get the breath under control, the body always follows. The mind slows down and you can own the thoughts you choose to guide your day. This is a good and simple start to mindfulness practices.


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