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Opening to the Fairy Realm

With everything that is happening in our world - earth changes, fires, floods, and all the crazy weather patterns, we can use all the help we can for our earth. It is known that the fairies are a bridge from the unseen world to humans in the seen world. Their job is to help us remember that the earth is a delicate system and has to be in balance. When the earth is unbalanced, so are we. Nature has a way of always cleansing and healing and balancing on its own. The fairies are trying to get us to wake up and realize we are supposed to be the guardians of the earth. We are shown every day the destruction that humans have made in this world. Whether it is conscious or not, it’s destruction just the same. We can no longer turn away from lifetimes of destruction without us all paying. Right now we are at a tipping point where something must be done. I suggest we start to make a conscious connection with the fairies and the unseen world and ask for their assistance since that is their expertise.

We don’t need to make it complicated. Just by having an intention to connect with their world is enough. Get back in nature. Go for walks in the woods, sit next to a tree, create a fairy circle, and make time to sit in it and journal. You can even meditate and ask for any advice on how you can personally help the earth or the natural world at this time. They are just waiting for you to ask. Ask for one of the fairies that would most like to work with you to come. Then develop a connection with them. Ask for help with a particular earth issue that you’re passionate about and do what you’re guided to do. You may choose to leave an offering in nature for them. They love candy, especially small ones like M & M’s. In a world that has so much challenged us at this time, it’s time for play and the fairies can help us remember what once came naturally to us. Have fun remembering!


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