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November 11th Energies

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

With the November 11th energies, 11/11 ushers in a time of pivotal shifts. Spirit is giving us a boost upward towards raising our consciousness. There is much high vibratory light energy pouring down on us starting that day and moving right through the 12/12 energies. Why is this important to you? It can give you a Spiritual up-leveling. It is important at this time to ask what you can do to do YOUR part in helping shift this planet and everything on it. So many ask so much from Spirit yet don’t ask what they can contribute. It’s important to know that we need Spirit's help and support while we are on this planet. We need to keep the faith. Just the same, Spirit needs our help while we are in the physical doing the work to assist. I have been told that we are the hands and feet of Spirit while in the physical world. We work in partnership with one another.

This is an opportunity for change in all of our lives. What do we still need to release? Where are we out of alignment still? What situations in our lives are we still reacting to? We need to empty our cup first before filling it again. We need to awaken to the peace and light and to hold space for what is still possible on this planet. Your intuition and the developing of it should be #1. It will be imperative in the future to listen and know beyond a doubt. On 11/11, tune into the energies and ask for your energetic boost and with that ask what you can do to help align this planet. Sometimes the smallest tasks go a long way. If everyone just did their own part of saying prayers, meditating, visualizing and sending healing to our planet and everything on it, miracles could occur. Don’t wait for someone else to clean it up, we all have our part. Step it up. This isn’t a pipe dream or a dress rehearsal. Like Nike says ”Just Do It!”

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