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Navigating Through The Field

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I often talk about the Quantum Field, and about how all possibilities exist in it. As vibration is everything, what you vibrate to aligns you with which possibility you pull into your life. Everyone’s field is made up of the same material, but it is different in context and ultimately the outcome for us. With every thought that comes, we send out either negative or positive charges into the field that will attract an outcome for you. Depending on how you shape, and mold your quantum particles, based on what thoughts, and actions you are sending out into your field, it will bring you a certain result, either one you like or one you don’t. Everything starts with a thought first. You want to buy a house. You get excited, and start thinking about what it looks like. You are sending all those positive vibes out, and then the house shows up in your physical world as solidified thought or quanta. The same way we created this, we can create in the other direction as well. Imagine that you find a mole on your arm that seems to appear overnight. You start obsessing that it just appeared overnight.  As you keep obsessing over it, your convinced it’s been changing shape or even growing. You start thinking how your always in the sun without sunscreen. You have had several family members pass from Cancer. Now you start thinking it could be melanoma. By the time you get to the Dr. you are convinced it must be something very serious. All these thought forms are going somewhere into your field, and the universe doesn’t care which experience you choose. It’s neutral because we were given free will to choose. Once the thoughts match a vibrational experience stored into the field, then Bam, there it is coming into your life.

The best way to navigate through the field is to be aware first. Notice what your noticing. Which direction are you going in, towards your dreams or away from them. I believe we have a 30 second rule, where we can change our thoughts in that time, and of course cancel them out. Don’t live in fear. This is meant to bring conscious awareness to your choices, and how you live your life. At the end of the day,  it’s your choice on what you choose for your experience, so make a good one, and choose joy!


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