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Moving Forward

Since March 9th when Mercury went direct, we're building momentum again. It's finally time to move forward after feeling on hold for so long. I personally am ready! If you have been waiting to pull the trigger on a project or a business idea, nows the time. It seems to me since January we have been all spinning, holding onto our visions of what we want to make happen. It has felt like this whole year has been Mercury Retrograde for me. With my injury, Spirit has guided me to rest and heal until further notice. I am working, but not at full capacity. I am delighted that I feel ready to use the momentum from Mercury that rules communication to move again. I will be starting a series of videos to put out soon. I have a YouTube channel with which will be initiated soon as well.

This is a great time to have those conversations you have been putting off. It’s a time to get clear on agreements you want to make, partnerships in business, and anything you have been trying to figure out. If you're starting a new business get really clear and move. Take action on all the steps without hesitation. You can accomplish a lot at this time. Dig out your old notebook with your ideas, it’s time! Act on the one that grabs you. Everyone can benefit at this time from taking action on where you have been feeling stuck before. Wherever you feel stuck take action and be ok with whatever the outcome.

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