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Mother Mary

Mother Mary has been working with me for years. She is not just limited to Christians but anyone who would like to work with her for healing. She is not just the Mother of Christ but also known as an incredible being of light and has been known to create miracles just like her son. She has appeared to me to help those having depression, those having trouble conceiving and those in general need of help with their children. She is gentle and strong at the same time. One of her biggest gifts is compassion, support, and unconditional love. Mother Mary is devoted to helping those that feel alone and hopeless. As I work with many Ascended Masters of light, Mary has been showing up much more lately. There have even been more reports of crowds seeing her lately. Recently there was one in Vietnam where a large crowd was praying, and her statue started moving. Her cloak part of the statue was blowing in the wind and her head turned. People were freaking out.

At a time where many are feeling hopeless, is it any wonder she is letting herself be known and seen again? We all need to settle down and focus on the power of the people to change things. The frequency of belief is very high and can overpower any lower vibrations. We all know the power of prayer. Prayer can be whatever you want it to be. Keep it simple! God doesn't judge the words we use or the way we pray. Mary is known as the saint of the people. She walks amongst us sending her message of peace and life. She doesn't see the separation of any kind. We need to remember whatever happens to one happens to all of us, even if it's happening on the other side of the globe. Mary asks to send healing thoughts and prayers to whoever needs them. Spirit says that whatever we do for Spirit, a part of that always comes back to us. We need to remember that we are in a co-creative process with Spirit. We work together. It has always been that way and will continue in the days ahead. Mary thanks you in advance for all those you will affect in the future. She leaves us with support, compassion, and love.

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