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Mistakes Make You

How many times have you made a mistake? If you're like me, plenty! There is something that happens within you. You may ask yourself why it happened that way? Why didn't it work out? Should I have done something different?

We all know there are no mistakes and so if you so called failed at something, that mistake can give you so much information about moving forward. We need to remember that when we fail we learn and when we learn we live. These mistakes are here to teach us a better way, to follow a new path, and or to reframe the past.  Its important to know that there are an unlimited amount of possibilities on how to do things. By accepting the way you may have tried it before and by allowing yourself to try a new way, it may open the door to miracles or possibilities beyond what you thought was possible. These past mistakes framed us or shaped us to appreciate them and look at it like this is not the way to get there. Through life we learn all the things and ways not to do something before we learn what works. In this way, we learn and grow from it all. Then we can appreciate that mistakes make us.

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