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Message From The Angels

Dear Ones,

“We come in at this time as a way to answer your prayers. Many of you have been praying more than ever. Although that makes us very happy, we are aware of how heavy this time feels to many of you. We come as ambassadors of light showering you with our love at a time when many are feeling hopeless and exhausted. We hear you and are sensitive to your individual needs and the needs of the collective at this time. Keeping your hearts open even with all the challenges you may be facing is so important. Let your fears and worries just pass through you as you offer them up to us. We are here to help you at this monumental time. Ask for our assistance to help with your processing and know we will help you to rise to the occasion. Think of whatever you are struggling with as where you need to shed the light. This is your unfinished business from past civilizations that needs to be cleared at this time. As you move through the issues, much like a pinball game that when you finish one level, the next one comes up to deal with. Your unfinished business is like that. We hear many say, ”why does it seem to get harder, instead of easier?” The issues one ignores that keep getting pushed aside holds more energy that builds with time. Eventually, it gets dealt with. It's like climbing a mountain for you. You start with a challenge and set the first part of that challenge as a goal. Maybe it is to climb to the first summit. So you put your attention on breaking it into bite-size pieces. You set your mind in the right place and your body. You can see the first stop in sight and you arrive feeling a sense of accomplishment. You rest for a while and then reset with the next goal. Then before you know it you arrive!

Remember that this life and all its challenges, tests, and learnings are temporary.

Life is a journey. There will be many gifts along the way. Appreciate all of them. Even the pain has its part. Learn well children, and know you are always loved and appreciated for who you are. You are all individuals and have your own unique gifts that you have been given to help you through all that you must go through at this time. You have been fully equipped with all that you need, except every once in a while you need reassurance that you are on the right path, and we say to you yes, you are. Please know we are right here around every one of you. Ask us for the help you need and know that your prayers are heard and answered. We love you and believe in all that you are and all that you commit to.”


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