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Pay close attention to the subtle whispers of Spirit. Spirit is always trying to communicate with you. It isn't until that soft voice becomes a loud banging drum, that we actually pay attention to it. Take a moment to slow down, take a break, sit quietly, and breathe into that part of you that wants you to pay attention to something.

At times you may feel that you're distracted from the details of your day, can't get moving, or can't get out of your own way. Could it be that the universe is saying, "SIT STILL?" I have been told by my master teachers that when we get sick, it is because they are wanting to talk to us, or work on us. It makes perfect sense to me because we don't make time to slow down on a daily basis. We pray and ask for guidance and then don't, or won't make the time to hear the answer. Perhaps this is why it takes so long to reach our desired outcomes on our path. We need to make time everyday for listening. When we listen, we will immediately know whether we are on track, or not. It will be the signposts that get us to our desired destination.

This week's challenge: To take ten minutes every day to listen. You may want to journal, record, or just meditate on what you're being guided to hear. It will be the best time and energy for moving you forward!

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