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Lions Gate Portal

Every year on August 8th, the sun is in Leo. The star Sirius and the Earth are in a spectacular alignment. This is known as the Lions Gate. It is a powerful day to be in heavenly alignment with your Angels, Guides, and Master teachers. At this time, the highest frequencies are available to all of us from Sirius, shining down. These energies are meant for us to shift our consciousness, and up level our energies, and frequencies. Remember that intention is everything, so it’s important to consciously connect with these energies on 8/8. The veil is so thin, you can feel these new energies. These energies are building as we speak. The amplification is palpable.

The Lions Gate Portal is asking us to own our truth, and wisdom. The days of running from our truth are over. It will soon be hard to deny what lives in your heart, and soul. On that particular day, downloads of codes of light will be pouring into each of us. What will you do with them? Will you use these codes to move you beyond where you have always been stuck like a car in the mud spinning your wheels or will you let it be the tow truck that pulls you out of the rut? Use these energies to enhance who you are as a Spiritual being in physical form.

The number 8 is also a powerful number. It’s the infinity number. It’s is a number of power, but power of the right kind. Spiritual Power helps you to own who you are without abusing it. Let the Divine Power flow through you, and ignite all the frequencies that have been hiding in you, or that have been off line up until now. This is a perfect time to move through this portal with openness, and awareness. Claim your knowing!

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