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Let The Energy of Last Year Die With It

As we all lived through the energy of last year, it is so important to let it all go. 2021 ushered in everyone taking a stand in different directions, separation, and isolation. It seemed like the light was being sucked out of us last year. This year promises a reconnection of our hearts and minds. The only way through the turmoil at this time is to keep believing, have faith, keep praying, hold the light, and surrender at the same time. STOP THE SEPARATION! Everyone is entitled to what they believe in, but I have seen families split apart and lightworkers fighting against each other. When this happens, the dark energy wins. People, just respect one another. I often ask "what would Jesus do?" I'm sure he wouldn't turn his back on people. We have another chance to move through this year, a year of the heart coming back. Ask yourself, “what can you personally do to shift things in your daily world?”

Let's start this year with optimism and hope for things to get better for all. I'm not being airy-fairy. I know the power of thoughts, words, and deeds. Remember the law of attraction? If we continue to focus on what's wrong and live in fear we will create more of this, and talk about a virus! Fear can be the worse virus of all. In order to move this stagnant energy, we must keep the faith and look at the end results we want. We want people getting back to work, the economy getting stronger, and everyone healthy. Spirituality is growing, people evolving, and we want all to see ourselves as pooling together to help with any crisis. That is the only way we will get through it all. Focus on heaven on earth again. Stop the insanity and do your part. We need everyone aboard for this. Let's hold space together for 2022 to be the year that turns everything around. Blessings to all!

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