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Lesson From The Heart

Many of you know I have been recovering from a concussion, adrenal burnout and pretty much exhaustion. I have been going nonstop for more years than I can remember and guess I thought I was immune to being stressed out. When my functional medicine doctor told me that my body was stressed out I said, “I’m not stressed. I love what I do and my clients.” Well guess what? I was more than stressed and soon found out when she asked me how many clients I see and how many days I work. I felt embarrassed to answer her. I suddenly realized that I have put myself last on the list with my health. After all, how could I be stressed when I meditate? But what I did realize was, that for many years I spent it out of my body, connecting with the Spirit world. I realized that it’s not picking one world or the other it’s both. We live in a physical body and it’s our temple on earth but little did I know, mine was decaying.

Now that it’s been a few months, I realized how much I have taken my heart for granted. I slowly started talking to my heart and it talked back about all the trauma I have experienced and how I just kept taking it in stride and just kept moving on. My heart talked about how much I feel each person's pain long after they have walked out the door, all the collective pain on this earth, and watching what has happened to the earth itself and feeling helpless. I felt so ashamed not taking better care of my heart and as it continued to let me see through the lens of the heart, it saddened me. I made a decision to start sending love to my heart. Since it has the biggest energy field of the body, maybe we could help each other heal. I’ve been practicing breathing in and out of my heart and it is so powerful!

You must wonder why I am sharing this with you. I know there are many of you reading this that have been the same way. You feel too deeply, you care too much, and at times you even feel hopeless. We must start taking better care of our bodies and most importantly our hearts. The year 2020 is all about getting back to the heart. We must start there. It’s time to end this separation and take a powerful step to reclaim our Divine given right to love. We must start with ourselves first. Let this be the year that you're willing to heal from the inside out. See your heart as the witness that has felt everything you have gone through and everything you have felt along the way. I have been sending my own heart love and compassion for this long ride I call my life. I choose to heal my heart this year. How about you?

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